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Is it better to have an integrated toilet or a separate toilet?

Toilets are used every day, but many people do not know which one is better to choose in order to buy a more convenient and simple toilet. There are integrated toilets and integrated toilets. When people choose, they don't know which is more convenient to use or which is better. Before purchasing, you will do some research in advance. The editor will introduce the integral toilet or separate toilet? What is the difference between the split toilet and the integral toilet?

Tips for selecting and purchasing basin cabinets

With the improvement of living standards, many families have started to install a table in the bathroom for washing their faces and hands, which is very convenient. The basin can only be used with the support of the basin cabinet, so the basin cabinet is also essential. The appearance of the basin cabinet looks exquisite and generous, and the shape is delicate and compact, which saves more space and makes the bathroom look more fashionable

Advantages of wall mounted toilet

Modern people pay attention to the high quality of life, whether it is home decoration or furniture placement, or even sanitary toilets. Today we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the wall hung toilet, and recommend new products of the wall hung toilet

Difference between high side basin, middle side basin and thin side basin in bathroom cabinet

This is generally a ceramic basin, which refers to the thickness of the basin. A high bedpan has a high edge at the edge of the basin, and the middle edge is the middle edge. The thin edge basin is generally a little or no, which looks better and depends on personal preferences. As long as the quality of the basin is up to standard, it is convenient to use without splashing water
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